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Heads Up: Are You Developing Text Neck?

Technology is progressing at the speed of light. Unfortunately it is causing your posture to become horrible. But there are some apps designed to make sure this doesn’t happens. Check these out to help make sure you don’t developed the newly coined disorder of “text neck”.

  • heads-up-are-you-developing-text-neck1. Posture Trainer this is an Android only app that uses the phone accelerometer to detect if you’re hunched over using your phone. The app dims the screen to remind you the hold your phone near eye level to avoid lurching of the neck.
  • 2. Posture Correction is an application available for multiple platforms. Using the accelerometer in your phone the app is used to calibrate correct posture and inform you that you are not slouching. When your back tilts more than a certain value an alarm will sound. Everyone could use a helpful reminder.
  • 3. Nekoze, this desktop app using the web camera to measure and monitor your posture. The term Nekoze is Japanese for the arching of a cat’s back, referring to those with poor posture as Nekoze. When Nekoze detects poor posture it meows at the user to sit up straight so you don’t become a Nekoze!
  • 4. iheadache is a non-posture related app designed to help those with chronic headaches. Easily logs frequency, duration, local of pain, and other symptoms related to their headache. This is great for helping to diagnose the type of headache and monitor progress of any associated treatment.

Ask your family Chiropractic if these or any other apps can help you prevent disease and improve your spinal health.

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