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3 Basic ways to use Kinesiology taping that all runners need to know

For many of us, running is more than just a form of exercise; it is a passion and a release from everyday stress.  Few things are worse than something getting between you and the sport you love. Pain can be one of these barriers. There a numerous pain syndromes runners are prone to: knee pain, IT band syndromes, ankle sprains, back pain, and shin sprints just to name a few. These conditions can limit not just your ability to run but also can keep you from running at your best.

Something you can discuss with your trainer or physician to keep you running pain free is to begin using Kinesiology Taping. Kinesiology Taping is the practice of using a specialized athletic tape to help support the body’s natural biomechanics and tissues. When running, biomechanics is everything. In this article, we are going to review three common pain limiting conditions runner’s experience and how to apply Kinesiology taping to help support them.

Shin Splintsa very painful condition that feels like a pain deep in the bones of the lower leg. Shin splints are due to strain and overuse of the muscles used during the heel-strike phase of running.  Using Kinesiology taping, the muscle that is overused due to running can be supported preventing the swelling of the muscle that causes the splinting pain.

Knee Pain- Knee pain has many different causes and varying degrees of severity. There are multiple ways to tape the knee based on the source of knee pain and levels of support needed. The right taping technique can help to support and reduce everything from knee cap popping and clicking to arthritis.

Calf StrainThe muscles of the back of the lower leg are working overtime when jogging or running. They are named the gastrocnemius and the soles muscles. These are the muscles that help your foot push off. Taping the muscles of the calf before or after running can help to prevent overuse and help speed up the healing of these muscles. Supporting the calf muscles properly can help you run further and faster without injury.

Always consult a physician before attempting to use KT tape or other home types of home care.  

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