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Is Chiropractic Care Safe?


Over the years I have met countless people that are weary of Chiropractic care because of statements like, “my back is already too messed up” or “I can’t be adjusted, I have multiple herniations in my neck”.

The fortunate thing for these persons is that chiropractic is not only safe for them, they could benefit vastly from it.  

Do you have a disc herniation on your neck or back? One study shows up to 58% adults have disc bulging and between 20-35% of working adults have an asymptomatic disc herniation. A disc herniation is when the disc,  the cushion between two bones of the spine, undergoes enough stress for the soft middle part of the disc to deform into parts of the spine it should not be. Symptoms of a disc herniation can include but are not limited to the following:

  • back/neck pain
  • joint swelling
  • burning/numbness/tingling
  • shooting discomfort into the arm or leg
  • Difficulty with movement, muscle tightness, and muscle wasting


In a study involving 27 people with symptomatic neck and low back herniations documented by an MRI were evaluated and treated with Chiropractic care including specific spinal adjusting. More than 80% of participants have pain scores 2/10 or lower. 63% showed reduced or completely reabsorbed herniations as shown on MRI taken at the end of the treatment period.  The physical mechanism of axial compression (like an accordion) that can cause a disc herniation is not involved in or applied by any skilled Chiropractic physician during a spinal adjustment.

Left undiagnosed and properly mistreated, a herniated disc can lead to much more severe yet permanent conditions such as Osteoarthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease. In the face of these disc injuries, Chiropractic care is not only safe but essential.

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Coral Springs Chiropractor

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