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Chiropractic For My Children

“Chiropractic for my children?!? They don’t have back pain. Why would I want my son/daughter to be adjusted? They are only 1, 5, 13, etc. years old they don’t need chiropractic care.”

press-news-chiropractic-for-my-children-1There are numerous benefits of Chiropractic care for children. It goes far beyond the thought that chiropractors only help neck and back pain. Some of the many health benefits for kids from chiropractic care are: improved immune resistance, improved sleep, improved digestion, behavioral health, healing and reduced occurrence of ear infections.

When the body is functioning at 100% it is more powerful than any drug or any doctor. Who wouldn’t want their children and even themselves to attain that 100% power the body is capable of? Chiropractic care unleashes that potential by reducing spinal stress. Spinal stress is a common and often painless condition. Stress on the spine reduces nerve function and thus reduces the body’s potential. The source of spinal stress is the Subluxation that chiropractic corrects.  

In children, this can occur from numerous causes like physical, chemical and emotional stress. Imagine the emotional and physical spinal stress placed on a newborn during delivery. By correcting this spinal stress with Chiropractic care, healing can be optimized helping kids battle daily toxins, germs, humidity, pollen, and physical stress.

Ear infections account for 35% of all pediatric visits. That is more than a 1/3! Chronic ear infections are the #2 reason for surgery of children under the age of 2. No child should require surgery for something that can be prevented or heal naturally. Chiropractic care helps to improve ear canal drainage and boost the immune systems to help resolve and reduce ear infections. Even on the website one of the nation’s leading hospitals, The Mayo Clinic, Chiropractic care is listed as a method of treatment for ear infections in children.

Instead of “Why should my kid get adjusted?”, the question becomes “why isn’t my whole family getting adjusted?”. Chiropractic care is a safe alternative to improve your child’s overall health. “Less sick days and more health days” sounds great, right?

Coral Springs Chiropractor

Coral Springs Chiropractor

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