Headaches can vary in pain intensity, ranging from a dull, irritating ache to a full-blown, debilitating migraine headache.

Headaches are one of the most common chronic pain complaints for which family doctors and chiropractors are seen, and for good reason.

People like you who are fed up of having their lives interrupted by this pain find that chiropractic headache treatment offers a real solution.

Instead of taking over-the-counter pain relievers, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen which can have serious health consequences, chiropractic care offers an effective and lasting headache treatment.

There are many types of headaches which can be relieved by the trusted chiropractors at the Spine & Wellness Center in Coral Springs, such as:

Headaches – Your Body’s Way of Trying to Tell You Something is Wrong

Pain is a sensation that we are instinctively driven to avoid or alleviate. This is because pain occurs when something is out balance our hurting our physical bodies.

Although many people shrug off their headaches until they become chronic or severe, even the occasional headache can signal that something is out of harmony with the rest of your body.

Sometimes, the pain of a headache can be so severe and sudden that people rush to the emergency room for medical headache treatment. Some life-threatening conditions can also be indicated by a severe and sudden headache.

Anybody who is experiencing extreme pain with a swift onset is advised to get emergency help. Luckily, the majority of headaches are not a sign of a life-threatening condition.

What Causes Headaches?

If you’re experiencing severe pain and discomfort but know that your headaches are not a sign of a serious health issue, you might be confused as to what is causing such intense suffering. While your family doctor may dismiss you with a prescription for pain relief and admonitions to get more rest and avoid stress, a Coral Springs chiropractor is often able to discover the root cause of headaches such as:

Regular chiropractic care for headaches focuses on the gentle realignment of the spine for effective headache treatment, which can increase mobility and circulation while gradually correcting other abnormalities.

Pinched Nerves – A Common Culprit Behind Headache Pain

Perhaps one of the most often overlooked causes of headaches that many family doctors miss is a pinched nerve. Even a small misalignment in the spine or neck, known in the field of chiropractic medicine as a subluxation, can put undue pressure on delicate nerves. This can cause inflammation and pain in the connected muscles and blood vessels, resulting in headaches. Other signs that you may be suffering from a subluxation-related pinched nerve include:

How Does a Chiropractor Help to Correct Spinal Misalignment?

Spinal readjustments and chiropractic massage work by targeting the affected areas, relaxing muscles and allowing for a healthful and gentle readjustment. The experienced and compassionate headache treatment care team at Heron Lakes or Royal Palm Spine & Wellness of Coral Springs uses a variety of diagnostic methods and tools that include:

Some of the easiest headaches for chiropractic care to address include tension and sinus headaches. The movement of bones and tissue during adjustments and massage encourage proper circulation and fluid drainage, helping to decrease inflammation and build healthier muscles. Pinched nerves and posture problems are often addressed over a period of time by gradually readjusting the spine into its most healthful form.

Stop the Madness – Medication Doesn’t Heal Headaches

The fact is that 9 out 10 people will be plagued by headaches at some point during their lives. Family doctors encourage their patients only to relieve the symptoms of pain. There is nothing wrong with this, at least in theory. While no one should live in pain, constantly covering up your symptoms with the mask of medicine does nothing to heal the root cause of headache discomfort. Long term consumption of pain relievers is associated with a whole host of adverse side effects, so experiencing the temporary pain relief that these pills provide actually hurts you even worse than a headache when you consider the big picture. Chiropractic headache treatment is not an aspirin: it’s only goal is your short and long term health and well-being by realigning vertebrae, retraining and strengthening your muscles and improving your circulation.

Living a Headache Free Lifestyle

The Coral Springs chiropractors at the Spine and Wellness Center are your partners in achieving and maintaining good health. Some professional tips to help you prevent headaches include:

If you suffer from headaches, it’s time to stop living in pain and start working towards good health. No one has ever had a headache that was caused by a pain-reliever deficiency. When you’re ready to stop popping pills for a quick fix, chiropractic care is here to help you truly heal with effective and compassionate headache treatment.


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