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What is Sciatica?

Shoulder pain is one of the top and most significant reasons people seek chiropractic treatment. Bursitis and Tendonitis are the most common reasons for shoulder pain that involves inflammation of the soft tissue and affects the muscles and bones in the area. Often, traditional medical treatment involves covering up the symptoms with medication: however, chiropractic treatment involves looking for the cause of the problem and providing the proper relief to the patient.

Impingement Syndrome

Pain in the shoulder is also referred to as impingement syndrome. A wide variety of people are affected by this painful disease. Generally, it occurs in people who are in occupations requiring activities that involve lifting their arms repeatedly during the working hours. For example, a large number of construction workers and professional athletes develop impingement syndrome because of repeated overhead actions, using their arms and shoulders. Impingement syndrome could also occur due to using crutches or an injury to the shoulder area.

Most Probable Causes

The most probable cause of impingement syndrome is an overuse of the muscles, tissue, and bone in the shoulder area. The individual that suffers from this condition develops muscle imbalance and a change in their posture, resulting in rounded shoulders with the head in a forward position. This is a condition that requires professional treatment. If ignored, Bursitis and Tendonitis leads to pain in the area and interferes with the individual’s ability to perform their daily activities.

Other Causes

In some cases, Bursitis and Tendonitis is caused by injury which leads to inflamed tendons and bursa. The injury causes the muscles and tissue to thicken, leading to scarring in the area. The thick tissue and scars require more space; therefore, pinching the bursa and the tendons together in a tightly confined area leading to impingement. Early chiropractic treatment prevents the development of a painful, chronic condition.

Impingement Syndrome Symptoms

Typical impingement syndrome symptoms include the following:

Impingement Syndrome Diagnosis

Impingement syndrome is an inflammation around the rotator cuff. The diagnosis begins with the chiropractor taking your medical history and performing an exam. Generally, several other medical tests are performed. The chiropractor will isolate the muscles to determine the nature of the injury. Once diagnosed, the chiropractor offers advice on the proper treatment.

Chiropractic Treatment

Impingement syndrome is a very painful problem affecting more people than you might imagine. Very often people involved with activities that require them lifting or raising their arms above the head frequently suffer with this problem. Impingement syndrome also occurs due to an injury and frequently to older adults. The first noticeable symptom is a very persistent sharp burning pain in the shoulder area. A chiropractic doctor is able to offer the patient a number of options to treat the condition and improve mobility in the area.

The chiropractor might suggest spinal adjustments because the arms and shoulders are connected to this area. Other treatment options might include massage, physical therapy, and exercises to strengthen the muscles in the space. If you are experiencing shoulder pain or impingement syndrome, contact The Spine and Wellness Centers for a consultation.

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