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5 Easy Everyday Ways to Save Your Spine Part 2

5-easy-way-to-save-your-spine-b-and-a4. Forget 10 and 2, meet 7 and 5.
I am talking about driving. When we first learn how to drive the correct way to hold the steering wheel is at 10 and 2 o’clock. This type of position is taught because it is safe for turning and if you need to quickly react to any hazard on the road. Unfortunately, this position causes a huge amount of strain on the neck and back. Similar to mentioned before neck pain and dysfunction is caused my excessive strain the joints and attached muscles. The classic 10 and 2 position causes a lot of this. Tis forward reaching posture can cause permanent deformity of the cervical spine. There is a safe alternative to the 10 and 2. Holding the steering wheel at 7 and 5 o’clock with your arms relaxed on your legs greatly reduces the stress during your daily commute. It’s safe for driving and safe for the spine at the same time.

5. Trick yourself to sit up straight.
Good posture is essential to save your spine from disease and deformity. Keeping good posture is easier said than done of course. During a long day sitting at a desk or table you feel your neck drifting forward, shoulders slouching, and mid back drooping. At that point you realize your posture is horrible and so you sit up straight. 15 minutes you catch yourself again with bad posture. Here is an easy tip to trick you to sitting up straight with having to constantly thinking about it. Take a rolled up towel or anything else you can find to wedge under your tailbone. Sitting with something wedged under the tailbone tilts your pelvis forward causing your upper body to sit up straight naturally.

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