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5 Easy Everyday Ways to Save Your Spine

5-easy-way-to-save-your-spine1. Breathe Better.
“Huh, breathe better? I’ve breath all day every day. I’m so good at breathing, I can do it in my sleep. I don’t need to breathe better”. Well think of it differently, have you been to the gym and see how the people lifting breathe when they lift. That type of labored breathing can help your low back. When you push a breath out through pursed lips you are using accessory breathing muscles. Activating these extra muscles help to stabilize your core and low back. Whenever bending, lifting, getting out of the car, or any other movement that can add extra stress to the back try to breathe better. It’s easy to do And it can help prevent a serious low back injury.

2. Hold your phone up high.
A recent study says we now spend 194 minutes a day on our smartphones, that is more than twice of the number measured just two years earlier. Now ask yourself how much of that time do you hold your phone at eye level when on it. If not at all, that’s over 3 hours a day you are directly damaging your neck and back. The looking down on your phone posture causes direct stress to on the muscle that attach to the neck and over time reverses the health natural curve your spine has, This change to the curve can not only cause pain but permanent damage in the form of Osteoarthritis. Holding your phone at eye level helps to reduce this strain and helps to prevent poor posture. This is a small change that can have a profound impact on your life.

3. Don’t be a stomach sleeper.
Everyone has most likely woken up with a stiff neck. The most common causes of neck pain are stress on the joints and strain on the muscles that attach to them. Sleeping on your stomach causes both of these. A full night’s sleep lying on your stomach causes 6 to 8 hours of direct stress to the cervical spine. The sleep positions that cause the least about of stress to the spine are back sleeping with a pillow under the lower leg and side lying with the shoulders lying flat on the bed or pillow. Changing you sleeping habits is not the easiest thing to change, but just the act of trying to improve them can save you from this.

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