Wall Angels

Hello Spine and Wellness followers my name is Bernard. I’m a therapist here at the Spine and Wellness Centers and today I’m going to be showing you an exercise that’s gonna help with muscular imbalance and also help you with better posture. The name of this exercise is called a wall angel.

Now what this exercise does is, you’re going to stand against a flat wall of your choosing, you want to have your palms facing up against the wall and you want to slowly, as the name would suggest, you want to make an angel like you would do in the snow but we’re gonna do it on the wall.

So you keep your palms, your back, lower back, upper back, everything as close to the wall as possible and you want to slowly move up and back down. Again you want to make sure your arms, your hands, your back, everything is pressed up against the wall as close as possible.

Again these wall angels are for better posture and also to help with any muscular imbalance. As with any exercise you want to make sure you consult your chiropractor before performing any exercise. Thank you if this video was helpful please hit the like and share button. Have a great day.

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