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Holiday Travel Tips


1. Sleep smart. Before you travel, plan where you are going to be sleeping. The wrong mattress can be a nightmare for your back and neck. If you are a back or side sleeper your body needs a medium to firm mattress. If you are staying at a hotel check reviews online pertaining to the bedding. Call the front desk and the concierge and ask the type of mattress they use and how old they are. Last, at all costs avoid an air mattress if you have a history of back or neck issues!

2. Gear up. Taking and/or wearing the right gear can save your body a lot of strain during holiday travel. For airline travel a good pair of shoes goes a long way. The time spent in security lines, walking across the airport to the gate or to luggage can add a lot of stain to the joints and muscles if you wear the wrong shoes. Next, carry the right luggage. Avoid bags you have to carry only on one side of your body, this single-sided stress can quickly add up. A good backpack is a great alternative.

3. Keep your routine. If your Chiropractor already has you performing a daily stretching routine, holiday travel is the time you need it the most. The purpose of stretching is to keep your body moving in the face of daily stress. The time spent on a plane or driving in the car can add even more stress to those areas. Before traveling, consult your chiropractor to see if there are any additional stretches or exercises you should be doing to keep you feeling great.

4. Take breaks. If you are planning to drive 3 hours or fly more than 3000 miles, be sure to take a break occasionally. It takes only a couple minutes to stand up, move around, & stretch. This should be done once every hour or so. Prolonged sitting during driving is directly correlated to the stress that breaks down the discs in your spine. A couple minutes of movement can save you a trip in pain.

These easy tips are a great way to help de-stress the holiday stress for your mind and body. We wish a happy, safe, and healthy holiday season to you and your loved ones. For more tips of healthy holiday travel consult your family chiropractor to help holiday season the one of many healthy ones to come.




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