Phases of Chiropractic Care

Video Transcript Included Below:

Here at the Spine & Wellness Centers, we understand that you may be in pain or that you just like to be healthier.

With that being said, we have three phases of care to help you reach your ultimate goal.

The first phase of care is the most intensive in this phase your care plan will be much more frequent because of the amount of inflammation you may have in that specific area.

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the frequency of care made me as many as five times per week down to three times per week for approximately three to four weeks because of the more times we address the area of concern, in the beginning, the faster you’ll see results and the faster the inflammation will subside.

This is the initial intensive care phase.

As soon as we determine that your inflammation has subsided and you’re starting to feel better we move into the next phase of care.

This phase is the most important phase, the corrective care phase.

In this phase we start to correct the subluxation which is the underlying cause of your symptoms and the cause of dis-ease.

In this phase of care we will start seeing you less frequently approximately three to four times per week for approximately four to six weeks and in this phase your spine will actually start to hold the adjustment which means the adjustments that we are providing for you will be lasting longer and holding

When we start seeing that you’re holding the adjustments with more frequency you will then graduate to our last phase of care, the wellness care phase.

In the wellness care phase you should be doing and feeling better but if you want to have a reliable vehicle to drive you have to maintain it.

Same goes for your spine and your health so in this phase we’ll be seeing you a lot less frequent.

We’ll start off seeing you one to two times per week and then down to one to two times per month so please understand that you came here for a reason and that is getting yourself to your optimal health.

Help us help you achieve your goals by sticking to the care plan that the doctor provides for you and also remember, your health is your wealth!