Proprioception acts as the sensation of knowing exactly where your body is in relation to the space around you. These capabilities can get diminished when you experience an injury, live a sedentary lifestyle, or have prolonged spinal misalignment.

When you’re dealing with proprioception of your joint after you sprain it, your joint might feel unstable. One of the most common symptoms of diminished proprioception is the experience of poor balance.

The posture of your spine can tell you (from your sense of proprioception) whether you are sitting or standing. Any injury you endure can negatively affect your proprioception and balance; however, most people can fix this problem with the proper proprioceptive exercises.

What Exactly Are Proprioceptive Exercises?

These exercises can improve the coordination of your muscles and trains your entire body to function more efficiently. Proprioceptive exercises train your muscles so they move together in coordination without using an excessive amount of effort.

People can lose their sense of proprioception and balance through living a sedentary lifestyle, compensating for an old injury, or dealing with a new one. A lot of injuries get caused by reduced coordination and an imbalance in your muscles.

When your muscles become uncoordinated, your other muscles and joints must work that much harder, which produces strain on other parts of your body such as the hip or knees.

Ancient Healing

While most people just think of cupping as a practice used in Eastern medicine since it is often used by acupuncturists, cupping has in fact been used for thousands of years in cultures all over the world. There is evidence on papyrus scrolls that the ancient Egyptians were using cupping as far back as 1,550 BC. Cultures in Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East have a long history of using cupping as a form of medical treatment.

Proprioceptive Therapy

Proprioceptive exercises target specific muscles to increase the support and coordination across your entire muscular system to help prevent further injuries in the future. In this process, your weaker muscles get identified and their strength, coordination, and endurance increased over time through specific chiropractic exercise techniques.

One common technique that gets employed in proprioceptive exercise is the vibration board. Vibration therapy often gets used because it increases the rate at which your muscles re-learn their substantial role. When your neuromuscular system gets challenged with vibration, the body gets trained to learn its part. This speeds up the rate of recovery.

When patients spend 10 minutes on the vibration unit, they are often surprised at how tired they feel. That’s because the vibration unit knocks your entire body off its sense of natural balance. This forces your body to respond at a faster rate than you would if you were standing on a wobble board. The vibration unit forces more muscles to contract. This allows your neurologic system patterns to come into place at a faster rate.

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