Physical Therapy in Coral Springs. Rehabilitation with Chiropractic Care.

Chiropractic care can be the first step towards helping our patients receive relief from pain and regain improved function in their joints and spine. The Spine and Wellness Centers has highly-skilled doctors who can diagnose and treat sore, aching and misaligned spines.

Along with realignment of joints and spinal vertebrae, we offer functional rehabilitation to keep your body strong and in alignment for the long term.

What is Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic treatment uses gentle spinal manipulation to straighten and realign the spine.

This type of chiropractic treatment works well for headaches, joint pain, whiplash problems, and low back pain. Functional Rehabilitation at The Spine and Wellness Chiropractic Centers The point of rehabilitation at our clinic remains to assist our patients in returning to their normal level of movement with little to no pain. We use lifestyle recommendations, manual manipulation techniques and functional exercise to help people feel better. Functional rehabilitation starts with identifying the source of the joint or vertebrae pain. We have state of the art technology in our practice to assist in detecting imbalances within the body.

Our chiropractors will observe movement patterns to see if any of the patient’s routine movements are causing their pain.

These inappropriate movement patterns that eventually create pain may include:

All of these problems can cause restricted movement, joint and muscle pain. Doctors at The Spine and Wellness Centers can determine what moves a patient may be doing habitually which can hurt their joints. They can also develop a comprehensive care program to get a person’s body back in balance again and maintain it.

Our functional rehabilitation program includes:

Along with the above types of rehabilitation, we provide:


Contact The Spine and Wellness Centers today if you are experiencing neck, back, spine or joint pain. Not only is it possible to be able to relieve your neck, back or spine pain, we can guide you how your body will be healthier, stronger, and more flexible for the long term.

Using chiropractic treatment along with functional rehabilitation will get your body back into alignment and keep it healthy and working properly. Using these holistic, non-invasive methods remains a natural and safe way to treat many of the physical problems causing pain without using drugs.

Make an appointment today to see what a difference chiropractic treatment and functional rehabilitation can make in your quality of life.


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Emilio C.
5 / 5

Dr. Cohen (“Jared”) is phenomenal. My son injured his knee playing basketball and is back on the field less than 6 weeks later. Dr. Cohen and Evan provided various therapies including laser therapy that was extremely beneficial. Also, the physical therapy and (read more…)

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AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!…..That’s all I can say about this place. As soon as you walk in, Rachel, the receptionist greets you with a warm welcome. Dr. Cohen is just awesome, he explains everything thoroughly and (read more…)

5 / 5

Dr. Cohen, Evan, and Rachel are awesome. I’m so happy I was recommended here! Dr. Cohen and Evan really make you feel comfortable with them. Dr. Cohen is extremely thorough in the way he explains your treatment plan and (read more…)