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Sharp Pain in Your Chest?


It could be caused by your back.

The middle part of your back is the Thoracic spine. The Thoracic spine could be considered the most important part of your back because of the 24 bones that attach to it, the ribs.

The rib cage, consisting of the ribs, sternum, and the thoracic spine has the important duty of protecting all of the body’s vital organs.

Each thoracic vertebra has two ribs attached to it. Sometimes a rib and/or thoracic vertebra can become subluxated. This means that they are “stuck” out of place. When this happens sudden sharp SEVERE pain can occur. Often the pain radiates to the chest where the rib attaches.

Due to poor movement in the back excess pressure can be forced to where the rib attaches at the chest. Things such as turning the torso, reaching overhead, and even breathing can become EXTREMELY painful.

There can even be symptoms of numbness or burning around the side to the chest due to nerve impingement caused by subluxation.

Close-up Photo Of Businesswoman Suffering From Pain

It does not take much to cause a painful rib/thoracic Subluxation. A simple sneeze or a cough could be a cause. There is not one single common cause either. Stretching, twisting, lifting something from the ground, practically any regular activity can produce a rib subluxation.

These symptoms have often been confused with those of a heart attack or panic attack, due to the sudden chest pain and shortness of breath. WARNING: if a heart attack is suspected contact Emergency Services, 911.

Chiropractors are experts in treating this condition. They can help to properly diagnose if your chest pain is due to a subluxation and help to quickly resolve the problem. Don’t let something simple leave you in excruciating pain.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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