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How Sitting Strains Your Back

Sitting strains your back

The human body is designed to move; however, but many people nowadays spend long hours sitting. It’s no wonder why back pain has become a common complaint among adults who work in offices or commute long distances.

Sitting can place more strain on your back than standing, leading to pain and generalized discomfort. Here are some reasons why your back might hurt from sitting.

Sitting strains your backYour Muscles are Contracted

When you sit down, your hip flexors automatically shorten. The psosas muscles, hip flexors which run from your femur to the lower part of your spine, can become tight after long periods of sitting, causing pain and stiffness in your lower back. Along with your hip flexors, your back muscles themselves contract when sitting. If you stay in this contracted position for a long period of time, the nerves can become pinched.

You’re Straining Your Neck

Many people know what good sitting posture looks like. However, it’s very difficult to maintain good posture throughout an eight-hour workday. As you look at your computer or phone, you’ll start to slouch, pulling your head forward. Sitting with your head forward places strain on the upper part of your spine and causes your shoulders to round. If you sit like this, you may notice pain in your upper back and neck.

You’re Placing Pressure on Your Discs

Your spine is important because it supports your upper body and helps you stay upright. No matter what kind of activity you’re engaged in, you’re probably placing some amount of stress on your spine. Any amount of stress on your spine can cause it to be susceptible to injury. Sitting with poor posture can put pressure on the discs in the lower back, causing them to compress. The spinal discs provide cushioning between your vertebrae. If that cushioning begins to wear down, it can lead to chronic pain.

How to Combat Back Pain

If you tend to sit for long periods of time, you can prevent back pain by standing up and moving around at least once an hour. This will alleviate the pressure on your spine and get blood flowing to your back muscles.

Additionally, getting a lumbar support for your chair can help you maintain good posture, so you’re less likely to sit in a slouched position.

When back pain begins to disrupt your daily life, you’ll want to visit the Spine & Wellness Centers. A chiropractor can determine the exact cause of your discomfort, develop a therapy plan, and give you individualized treatment. We can also suggest exercises that will strengthen weak muscles in your back, so you can prevent future bouts of pain.

At The Spine and Wellness Centers, we’re passionate about helping our patients in Coral Springs and surrounding areas. If you are experiencing back pain caused by sitting, don’t wait to get help for the issue. Our chiropractors can treat you before your pain becomes worse. Call us today to set up a consultation.

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