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press-news-sleepingEver wake up in the morning feeling worse than when you first went to sleep? The problem could be the position that you are sleeping. Your sleep position could be either hurting or helping your health depending on area of complaint. In this eblast I’ll give a few tips on how the body’s position during sleep can help to improve overall wellness.

First off there are two main don’ts on how to sleep. First is sleeping on ones stomach. Sleeping on your stomach is never a good idea. Due to the torsion this puts on a person’s neck. This position can directly put abnormal pressure on the disc and nerves in the cervical spine causing headaches and prolonged discomfort and dysfunction. Sleeping on your stomach along can also lead to an severely pain neck condition called “pseudotorticollus” which prevents the individual from moving their head due to severe pain.

The next main don’t sleeping on one’s side with arms crossed or hugging a pillow. This position causes prolonged muscle strain of the upper back and neck muscles. Due to this prolonged stretch of these muscles they react with spasm and tightness for the day after. It is recommended for persons that favor sleeping on their side to turn their upper shoulder back on to the bed or lean back against a pillow behind them. This position will reduce the amount of strain placed on these muscles.

Coral Springs Chiropractor

Coral Springs Chiropractor

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