Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

The first step of the protocol is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy. In the human body, there are over 7 trillion cells; some of those cells are fully energized (healthy cells), but some are lazy, weak cells. Those cells tend to latch onto the stronger cells. Over time, these weaker cells begin to group up or stack up and weigh down the stronger cells, which causes the stronger cells to become weak. Using electromagnetic stimulus, we excite the mitochondria of each cell and activate the Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) within those cells. This activation allows the cell to get energized and stronger, and then they split off to become an individual cell again, but much stronger. This part of the protocol usually takes 10-12 minutes relaxing on the PEMF mat.




Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Therapy

Now that the cells are independent and moving around independently, they need a great source of oxygen. This is where the second part of the protocol, Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Therapy, begins. All living things require oxygen to survive. Through this groundbreaking therapy, we can infuse oxygen into the cells through oxygen therapy. This part of the protocol will utilize exercise equipment attached to an oxygen mask, utilizing Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Therapy. In our everyday life, we typically breathe 35-50% pure oxygen, but with O2 therapy, you will breathe 75-90% pure oxygen. The contrast part of Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Therapy is to utilize a lower % of oxygen while exercising to stimulate the weaker cells in the body (to make them stronger). Therefore, your cell’s threshold elevates over time. This part of the protocol requires 10-15 minutes of high- or low-intensity aerobic exercise.



Red Light Therapy

Now that your cells have strengthened, separated, and oxygenated, we move to the third part of The Divine Human Protocol with Red Light Therapy. This part of the protocol is what brings everything together. Red light therapy will now direct those energized, oxygenated cells and direct them throughout the body to help with inflammation, pain, wound healing, mood enhancement, skin health, and rejuvenation. This protocol lasts approximately 10-12 minutes lying on our Red Light Therapy Bed.