Myofascial Release Therapy

Some patients experience chronic pain as a result of sensitivity and tightness to their myofascial tissues.

This is tissue that surrounds and supports the muscles in a person’s body. This chronic pain is often located at a specific point in a person’s body. They are known as trigger points.

Myofascial release therapy is designed to help people with this condition.


A person can have myofascial release therapy performed by a Coral Springs Chiropractor at the Spine & Wellness Centers.

This treatment involves us carefully massaging the myofascial. The goal is to detect the trigger points that are tightened and stiff.

These areas will be gently massaged and stretched with minimal pressure. This treatment may be done several times on designated trigger points on a person’s body.

Who May Benefit

Individuals with myofascial pain syndrome could experience chronic headaches as well as body pain and more. Myofascial release therapy has a high success rate treating these conditions. When the tightened muscles around a person’s neck and head are appropriately stretched, it can reduce or eliminate headaches.

It’s possible for people to experience blood pooling deep in the veins of their legs. These individuals can also benefit from myofascial release therapy. Myofascial release therapy can be successfully used in conjunction with many types of treatments.

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Complementary Treatment

Myofascial release therapy is able to be used successfully in conjunction with non-prescription pain relievers including ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

It could also be used with stretching exercises designed to increase a person’s range of motion as well as blood flow to trigger points. A patient may have heat applied to the trigger areas to relax constricted muscles. They could also have ice applied to calm trigger areas that are swollen.

Therapy Sessions

When a person is going to start myofascial release therapy, their initial appointment will be dedicated to determining which areas of their body their trigger points are located.

A chiropractor will look for areas of your body which appear to be restricted. Loss of motion or a decrease in symmetry of the body could be signs of a designated trigger point. Each following session could last 50 minutes or less.

Depending on a patient’s situation, they may need to receive treatment every few days or daily. The nature and intensity of a patient’s condition will determine how long they should receive treatment since all of our treatment plans here at The Spine and Wellness Centers are customized for each patient and the intensity of their pain.

Myofascial Release Therapy Studies

A number of scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of myofascial release therapy. A study done by Mohr, Long and Goad studied the effects of myofascial release therapy when combined with static stretching. The results showed a significant increase in the range of motion for individuals with hip and other types of injuries.

McDonald et al., did research on using myofascial release therapy to improve the muscle force of a person with pain in their quadriceps. They found there were no negative effects after using myofascial release therapy and it significantly improved the patient’s range of motion. The majority of studies conducted are able to show positive results from using myofascial release therapy.

The Spine and Wellness Centers are able to offer myofascial release therapy to our patients. It has proven to help people who experience pain and restricted movement. These treatments have enabled our patients to regain a normal range of motion and experience a significant improvement in their quality of life. Contact The Spine and Wellness Centers today and make an appointment.