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Chiropractic care is a great way to reduce pain and inflammation, regain proper physical alignment and avoid medications and invasive procedures whenever possible. However, if the physical manipulation of a chiropractic adjustment is uncomfortable for you, know that we have other ways to reduce your pain and get you back on the road to wellness.


Some pain can be structural or related to your bone and joint alignment: other pain is muscular and can be a reaction to misaligned joints or spinal connections. To reduce muscular inflammation and injury, we can apply ultrasound to these muscles to speed healing.

The Dual Purpose of Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound heals cell damage through two basic functions. It heats the tissues under your skin and causes hyperemia, also known as an increased blood flow. This is the “flush” you’ll feel during your ultrasound treatment and activates your body’s healing mechanism. Secondly, ultrasound therapy causes deep vibration inside the tissues, stimulating cell activity and repairing membrane tears.

What You’ll Experience

1) Coolness: The ultrasound wand glides against your skin with the help of a gel. This gel will go on cool as it evaporates slightly. We will let you know when it is going to be applied to reduce any startled response.

2) Pressure: The ultrasound wand will be pressed against your skin and moved slowly across and around the affected area. Of course, you can let us know how much pressure you can tolerate.

3) Warmth: As the ultrasound waves penetrate your tissues, you’ll feel warmth deep within your muscles and connective tissues. This warmth is an indicator that your body’s immune response is going to work with extra diligence healing micro tears in muscular tissue, clearing away painful inflammation, and even locating microscopic bone fractures.

Muscle Spasms

Ultrasound therapy can reduce muscle spasms and help bring your body into better alignment. Be aware that it may take a few sessions to activate muscular relation and healing before a full alignment can be done on your spine, in order to give your body time to release tension and toxins.

The Dangers of Long-Term Misalignment

Over time, injuries and joint misalignment can cause muscular changes and damage other systems in the body. If a broken toe causes you to limp, the change in your gait can cause changes to your knees and hips and may impact your low back alignment. If you are recovering from an injury, illness or surgery, great chiropractic care can help keep your body stable and strong while your tissues knit.

Consistent Chiropractic Treatment in Coral Springs Can Keep You Moving!

As we age, there is always some expectation of a slowing or lessening of our physical abilities; however, with a dedicated chiropractic team helping you to keep your body in proper alignment and your tissues strong and healthy, the impact of living need not steal your joy or your mobility. Contact The Spine and Wellness Centers for a chiropractic assessment of any aches and pains, and get your body moving forward with more energy and less pain!

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