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The Term Is Proprioception

proprioception-img2Maybe you have heard it and maybe not. Not matter who you are, it’s important to everyone and you are using it right now. This term describes a collection of sensors systems of the body that help you process physically where you are. When you wake up in the morning before opening your eye, would you know what you were lying down vs standing? You feel the weight of your head on the pillow and the softness of the mattress under your body and automatically know that you are not standing up.

The body’s sense of where it is and it’s indicate environment comes from multiple sources and their ability to communicate with the brain quickly so the brain can give the body instructions based on the feedback. An example of a master of proprioception is your house cat, if a cat falls its body is able to quickly communicate with its brain and the quickly back to its body so the cat will always land on its feet. These sources are from nerve endings in the joints, information from the eyes, feedback from your muscles, pressure sensors under the skin, and the balance sensors in the ears.

The body’s ability of proprioception can sharpen or dull even too. Do you have an older relative that is prone to falling? Have you ever had a day that you feel like your keep tripping on yourself? Both of these are due to a loss of proprioception. How do world class athletes out outperform one another? This can be due to increased proprioception.

In next article we will discuss the many ways how enhancing proprioception can improve your health and how it can done.

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