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Who Do You Call?

A recent study says it should be a Chiropractor first. In a recent Swiss study examined two groups of persons with neck, back, hip, and shoulder pain. Approximately half of the group went to a medical doctor first and other half went to a doctor of chiropractic first. The results of the study were to measure the effectiveness of treatment, the overall cost, and the patient satisfaction of each group. In all three categories, the group going to a chiropractor first scored better.

The participants in the study filled out a questionnaire four month after initial visit to a MD or a DC. The group seeing a chiropractor first measure approximately half a point lower on a 0-10 pain scale of their symptoms that day. Showing that both groups of physicians were effective in treatment of neck, back, hip, and shoulder complaints, but a notable decrease in pain levels of the group consulting a chiropractor first.

The examining group also measure the amount of money billed to insurance companies from both groups at the end of the four-month period. The group seeing a medical doctor first averaged costing $368 more.

Lastly satisfaction was measured. The group going to a DC scored higher not only for the care they had received but also the quality of the care. Most people don’t know that in the United States chiropractors are primary care physicians. This means anyone can go to a chiropractor first for any type of health concern. A referral from a medical doctor is not necessary. From the results of the study mentioned, if the health concern is neck, back, shoulder, or hip problems the first person you should call is your family chiropractor, hands down.

Coral Springs Chiropractor

Coral Springs Chiropractor

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