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Most people are familiar with the term “posture.” Your mother may have corrected your posture by asking you to sit up each time you sat at the dinner table, for example. Standing or sitting in a straight-back position is important for many physiological reasons. Without proper posture, the muscles,

Without proper posture, the muscles, tendons and ligaments would be constantly under unusual strain. Take a moment to understand posture and how it can be improved.

What is Considered “Good” Posture?

Chiropractors refer to “good” posture as the proper alignment of the back muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons.

When you stand, you should have a straight back without slouching forward or leaning backward. You actually use your abdominal muscles to hold yourself upright with the shoulders tucked back from your chest.

When you sit down, the same torso posture applies. However, your legs should create a right angle to the ground with both feet flat hen you sit down, the same torso posture applies.

However, your legs should create a right angle to the ground with both feet flat against the floor.

Crossing the legs only disturbs the proper posture position.

Good posture even extends to sleeping patterns. Ideally, you should sleep on your back to keep the spine straight through the night.

Sleeping on your side is a possibility too, but be sure to add a pillow between the legs. You need to keep your legs in a particular position, so that the spine can stay straight.

Dr. Jared Cohen can help you, not only have your back adjusted, but also learn more about the proper postures you should maintain.

Why is Good Posture Important?

When you sit, stand or sleep in an unusual position, the muscles must accommodate those conditions. Muscles will stretch or tighten as necessary to hold your body firmly in place. However, your muscles are designed to work in specific ways. Forcing muscles to align in unusual positions only creates fatigue. You’re actually using a lot of energy to keep those muscles working compared to normal body positions.

With bad posture comes possible ailments that plague the body over the years. Joints and ligaments also respond to unusual muscle positions, causing these parts to rub against each other and surrounding tissues. Degenerative problems, such as arthritis, can actually originate from poor posture and physiological misalignment. Even the muscles could develop chronic pains, so working on good posture at all times is always highly beneficial for chiropractic patients at every age. In the end, you might avoid these degenerative diseases by just sitting up straight in class or at work.

What Behaviors Contribute to Poor Posture

Several behaviors contribute to poor posture, including psychological issues, chronic pain and weight gain. You might have self-esteem issues regarding your body, for example. As a result, you could hunch over most of the day to hide yourself from others. This hunched-over position would eventually lead to chronic pain and the need for professional help.

You could suffer from chronic pain, such as an athletic injury or groin pull. When pain takes over your body, it’s instinctual to reduce it as much as possible. Your resulting posture could be abnormal, so that you can control or eliminate the pain elsewhere. Unfortunately, the back will succumb to poor posture and form its own painful issues unless you change your physical habits.

Weight gain causes poor posture too. When you gain a significant amount of weight, the muscles must support the fatty tissues by aligning in any position possible. If you remain at an obese weight, the back will have constant problems until exercise and healthy diets are the norm.

What are the Benefits of Correcting Posture?

Correcting your posture is usually performed by a chiropractic professional. The benefits you’ll experience with a straight back are nearly limitless. For example, you’ll have less pain on a daily basis. You can enjoy life to the fullest, including activities that you couldn’t take part in before. Go on a hike or stand in line for that popular rock band’s concert. Back pain won’t stop you from everyday thrills.

Correct posture also reduces the need for daily painkillers. Relying on prescription pills doesn’t have to be an everyday occurrence. Proper posture reduces pain, and thereby makes those pills useless for your healthy body. Additionally, you’ll have higher self-esteem as you walk and sit properly too. Ask someone on a date or join in on a conversation at a party when you would otherwise avoid the situation.

Tips To Improve Posture on Your Own

You can take control of your posture to a certain degree by being more conscious of your body’s position. When you sit down, pay careful attention to your back’s alignment. Sit up straight and try to press your shoulder blades together. Although this position may feel strange at first, your posture will soon improve and it won’t feel unusual anymore.

Try to walk with your back straight and your arms free to swing along at your sides. When you stop to stand still, be aware of your earlobe position just above your shoulders. You shouldn’t have your head tilted forward or backward because this indicates poor posture. In the end, simple observation about yourself can help you overcome some posture issues.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help Correct Posture?

Chiropractors use a host of different treatment options to correct your posture. Initially, they may start with a sequence of stretching and manipulating the back muscles. These appointments are normally stretched over the course of several weeks or months, depending on the posture’s level of abnormal positioning. Chiropractors also discuss proper sitting and standing positions with the patient to ensure that the alignment procedures are coinciding with strong posture control.

In some cases, chiropractors may suggest specialized shoes for the patient’s posture control. These shoes have a specific design to encourage the proper posture. Essentially, the shoes train the body to change the old posture into a better position. Over time, the muscles will retain a memory of these good posture positions, so that the shoes are no longer necessary. Ongoing chiropractic care is normally part of the patient’s treatment as their posture improves through the months.

If you have any questions about posture and possible treatment procedures, contact us today. Our professionals are dedicated to the art of holistic treatment, including proper posture control and alignment. Meet with us, and we can create a unique treatment plan that works for your posture needs.

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