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In 2005, The Spine and Wellness Centers was formed to provide chiropractic care to Coral Springs and its surrounding communities.

The Spine and Wellness Centers began as a small start-up chiropractic clinic in June of 2005 by Drs. Jared and Caterina Cohen. The office started originally in 1500 square feet at 5675 Coral Ridge Drive, Coral Springs, FL. In 2015, our name changed to The Spine and Wellness Centers. In 2017, it was decided that expansion would be best handled by opening offices throughout the Coral Springs and Boca Raton area. A name change to The Spine and Wellness Centers was decided to begin our expansion and establish our own unique identity superior to that of any other chiropractic group in the area.

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Dr. Payal Patel, born and raised in Florida, found her passion for chiropractic care while shadowing different healthcare professions and dealing with an injury herself. She was fascinated by this treatment approach, using the power of your hands to heal. She attended Florida Atlantic University, earning her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. She continued her education at Palmer, Florida, earning her Doctorate in Chiropractic. Dr. Patel enjoys working with athletes as well as families. When working with patients, she likes to use soft tissue mobilization techniques followed by a precise and gentle adjustments. Dr. Patel loves helping her patients not only feel better but loves to help them do better in their daily lives.

Clinic Purpose

The Spine and Wellness Centers clinics provide an exceptional healthcare experience fostering a holistic view of health with regular chiropractic care as a necessary component of wellness along with proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and a positive mental attitude.

Mission Statement

To direct people to the realization that they are activated from within, that life and healing come from within, and ultimately that the maintenance and promotion of health is superior to the treatment of dis-ease.

We are committed to delivering an exceptional chiropractic experience that facilitates healing and individual expression of life and wellness.

We thrive to foster a culture that empowers and encourages our team to new levels of personal and professional fulfillment.

Through our wellness education and community programs we are dedicated to leading our community to be a better place to live, work, and play.

We are committed to playing an active role in developing a worldwide culture of true health care, not merely dis-ease treatment.

live the spine and wellness way.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Emilio C.
5 / 5

Dr. Cohen (“Jared”) is phenomenal. My son injured his knee playing basketball and is back on the field less than 6 weeks later. Dr. Cohen and Evan provided various therapies including laser therapy that was extremely beneficial. Also, the physical therapy and (read more…)

5 / 5

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!…..That’s all I can say about this place. As soon as you walk in, Rachel, the receptionist greets you with a warm welcome. Dr. Cohen is just awesome, he explains everything thoroughly and (read more…)

5 / 5

Dr. Cohen, Evan, and Rachel are awesome. I’m so happy I was recommended here! Dr. Cohen and Evan really make you feel comfortable with them. Dr. Cohen is extremely thorough in the way he explains your treatment plan and (read more…)