Your treatment at the spine and wellness center is customized just for you. The time needed for your condition to improve may be different than that of another person. At the Spine and Wellness center, comprehensive testing is done to diagnose and determine what your treatment should be.

A subluxation is easily described as a stuck joint. It is a fixation not just in the spine, but could be in any joint in the body. This fixation/misalignment of a joint can cause a variety of problems. A few examples are pain, muscle spasm, nerve pinching, and arthritis. A subluxation can be caused by more things than be counted, which include activities of daily living, hobbies, sleeping positions or accidents.

It will not take the rest of your life to finish your chiropractic treatment. As mentioned above, the stresses of daily life are often the cause on subluxation.

Just like continuing to eat healthy after finishing a “diet”, getting your teeth cleaned by the dentist regularly or getting the oil changed in your car- maintaining proper function through the muscles, joints and spinal cord in our bodies is a huge leap towards how well we feel and move in our later years.

Often, patients choose to continue maintenance chiropractic treatment. So, no you do not have to come back for the rest of your life, but lifelong chiropractic care can be a part of lifelong health.

A Chiropractic adjustment is the correction of a Subluxation. The Physician uses specific techniques to restore healthy motion and alignment into subluxated (Fixated) joints. This not only affects areas of the spine, but also the muscles, ligaments, spinal cord and surrounding nerves. Chiropractic adjustments are safe, non-painful (at most the soreness of pushing on a bruise), and can only be performed by a Chiropractor.

With some adjustments the joint being moved back in place is stretched to an end range where the joint capsule creates a “CRACK” or “POP. That noise is just a gaseous pressure release take equalized the pressure in a joint. That is all the noise is. Some adjustments can create this noise and some don’t.

Chiropractors take great focus on the function and physiology of the joints throughout the body. Chiropractors take x-rays to assess and measure the placement of the area to be treated to understand what corrections need to be made as well as rule out any red flags or contraindications to treatment.

Children are often falling, jumping, catching a cold or sitting in front of a screen. Even though kids may not feel aches and pains like the rest of us do, their spine is still vulnerable to subluxations (fixated/malpositioned joints). This can affect their nervous system, development or even set them up for larger issues down the road. Kids are adjusted differently than adults and in a much more gentle way. They also respond more quickly to spinal corrections/adjustments as their joints have not been misaligned as long or seen as much repetitive trauma as an adult. Even Infants and newborns should undergo a chiropractic evaluation to determine if the trauma from the birthing progress had any effects on their spine.

Not only can a person who has had back surgery see a Coral Springs Chiropractor, they NEED to. Despite what you may think, visiting a chiropractor after back surgery does not have to be a cause for anxiety. Licensed chiropractors are among the most experienced healthcare professions when it comes to treating spinal problems of all types. They will give you a thorough examination to assess your particular situation before beginning any kind of treatment. Consult with your surgeon and chiropractor about the best timing to begin chiropractic manipulation. The success of any low back surgery is very dependent on what is done in the days, months, and years to come. Chiropractic care can help the body heal the best after surgery. As patients who have had spinal fusions often continue to experience pain post-surgery, they in particular may benefit from chiropractic care provided it is delivered at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner.

Medical errors are responsible for injury in as many as one out of every 25 hospital patients and an estimated 48,000-98,000 patients die from medical errors each years. On the other hand, a serious adverse reaction from a Chiropractic cervical manipulation occurs in less than one in one million treatments. Chiropractic is a proven, safe alternative form of healthcare.

Our Coral Springs Chiropractors are trained to treat a wide variety of conditions. While most associated chiropractic physicians with treating neck and low back pain, our doctors also specialize in treating shoulder injuries and plantar fasciitis. If it is physical, chiropractic care can possibly help it.

YES! Chiropractic care is an important ingredient for a health pregnancy.  Chiropractic care is safe from the first trimester all the way to the due date. It is a great treatment to help reduce the stress and strain on the body during pregnancy. If fact, our very own Dr. Johnson previously practiced in a prenatal/pediatric practice early in his career.

Most insurance companies do provide partial or complete coverage for chiropractic care. Even auto insurance companies provide coverage of Chiropractic care when you get in an accident. Our billing specialist will be able to check with your insurance company to see what type of coverage you have.

No, each patient has a specific plan of treatment that is customized for them. While two people may have similar issues, their treatment and adjustments may be very different.

No, most patients never have to remove any clothing for treatment. With that stated, Chiropractic care is form of musculoskeletal treatment that maybe need access to certain regions of the body. Occasionally to clothing covering the treatment area a patient may have to remove their shirt and wear a gown. We recommend that patients dress is casual or athletic clothing, as they rarely obstruct the doctor’s treatment.

This is not advised. Chiropractic physicians spend years training to diagnose and treat joint conditions. Most people that “adjust” themselves are most likely stretching the area of complaint and can cause hypermobility or strain to a joint that is already injured. Even a skilled Chiropractic does not adjust themselves, they leave that to another trained Chiropractor.


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