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Conditions We Treat

Treating Plantar Fasciitis

If you have ever dealt with some sort of heel pain there’s a good chance that you were dealing with plantar fasciitis.  It is the most common cause of heel pain and something we see most often when a patient comes to our office.

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Hot and Cold Therapy
Chiropractic Wellness

ICYHOT vs Hot/Cold Therapy

A very common question I get from patients is “what can I do at home for my pain until I come back for my next treatment?” Most often the recommendation is to use some variation of ice, heat, or both.

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Chiropractic Wellness

Sharp Pain in Your Chest?

Due to poor movement in the back excess pressure can be forced to where the rib attaches at the chest. Things such as turning the torso, reaching overhead, and even breathing can become EXTREMELY painful.

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